VIDEO SALES TIP: How to Ask the Best Sales Questions

Want to know how to get the best answers to your sales questions? Ask shorter questions.  Yes! The best sales questions tend to be short ones. Why? Because short questions get you LONG answers, which are jam packed with vital information you need to make a sale. Below...

Don’t Waver Over Price

We have arrived at the last day of my in-depth exploration of 5 Sales Tips to Maximize Your Price. If you missed the previous posts, here they are: Sell the Outcome, Not the Activity Sell the Urgency of the Customer’s Timeline Are Your Customers Confident in...

Poor Listening Skills Sabotaging Your Sales Career?

Do you truly listen to your customers? Could you do better? The reason I ask is because it seems that listening is a skill that is emphasized as important, but unfortunately is not actually put into practice — at least to the extent it could be. And if you...

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