Sales Motivation Video: Don’t Use “Out-of-Office” Message in Summer

It’s summer and that means vacations! When you go on yours, don’t use the “out-of-office” setting on your voicemail and email.

You want to seize opportunities to monitor your voicemail and email for potential leads!

Check out the video to see what I mean:


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High Profit Prospecting
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2 thoughts on “Sales Motivation Video: Don’t Use “Out-of-Office” Message in Summer”

  1. Great point. I was just going to do that as I will on a trip for a while . Some vacation, but I will have my laptop to do work when I can.

    Solopreneurs, like myself, need to be accessible, especially since, like you say, business is picking up.

  2. This is tough for global organisations with sales operations in different countries! Some will be totally fine with implementing this idea, but others will encounter culture issues with regards to holidays. I think this is a personal choice and sales managers can propose the idea to their teams but give them the option to opt in or out. On the other hand, ideally a second point of contact could monitor emails to address those as they come in.

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