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Sales Logic Podcast

Hosted by sales experts Mark Hunter and Meridith Elliott Powell, Sales Logic answers today’s toughest selling questions with logic that will help you win more deals and make more money.

Your toughest sales problems solved.

Salesperson, meet proven, actionable, and logical sales strategies. When you sell with confidence and integrity, uncertainty becomes your competitive advantage and the sale becomes… logical.

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Meridith Powell

Meridith Powell


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Mark Hunter


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The Advanced Selling Podcast

“Sales legend, author, and speaker Mark Hunter joins Bill and Bryan in the studio this week with some simple yet profound advice: stay focused, stay consistent. These two foundational principles touch on every aspect of the sales process from your motivation level to your customer interactions to your learning. Tune in to this inspiring episode with the master “hunter” and guru of high-profit prospecting.”

Episode #675    |    9 min

Conquer Local

“In this episode, Mark is going to teach us about what it takes to be a salesperson, a genius process to getting more referrals, and his renowned 10:00 am rule. What is one significant thing you can accomplish by 10:00 am that will leave you feeling accomplished regardless of how the rest of the day goes? Get out out your pen and paper, Mark has prepared a conversation that will set you up for success, and help you develop a mind for sales.”

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