It’s time for me to call the baby ugly and believe me, it is ugly! Social selling is neither social nor selling. Ok, phew! I feel better now that I got that off my chest. I’m sure I upset some of you, though. I’m not sorry. I said these were prospecting truths, so part of that means that I can’t skate past social media or email. Too many salespeople fail in sales, because they want to take the easy way out. They think that if they just send out emails or post enough on social media that the world will somehow find a path to their door.

Myth busted! It’s time to do the work! Go ahead and call it the hard work. It’s a cop out to think that you will meet your sales number with social media and email. You’re just scared to engage in a real conversation. You’re afraid to hear “no.” My favorite rule is #39 and I’ve been saying it for years. I’ll continue to say it until the myth of social media and social selling are finally put to rest.

If you disagree with me, go ahead and fire away. I’ll come right back at you with dozens of examples of companies where we’ve embraced the telephone, relegated email to a secondary role and made social media just an afterthought. In the each of these examples, the numbers prove themselves. The bottom line is that if you want to be successful in sales, you have to engage and that means you cannot be scared to use the phone for what it is.


Before you read part 4 of “5o Prospecting Truths,” be sure you go back and read truths 1-30 or if you have already, re-read them! Here are the links:

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Here is part 4 with truths 31 – 40 related to using social media and email for prospecting:

31. Bring new value with each message whether it be on the phone, voicemail, text or email.

32. Your goal with any email is to provide not quite enough information. Allow the prospect to make the decision to call you or not.

33. There’s always time to make one more call.

34. Don’t hide! Email must not be your primary or your only prospecting tool.

35. When in doubt, pick up the phone and make the call.

36. You will learn far more about your prospect in one short phone call than you will in exchanging five emails over a two-week period.

37. Never allow the need to do more research get in the way of making the call.

38. Each minute spent on social media must earn its way.

39. You can’t take “clicks,” “likes,” or “shares” to the bank.

40. Your goal with an online connection is to create an offline conversation.

Did I shake you up with these 10? I’m sure I did. I don’t think I’ve ever used one of these truths with a client and not have somebody get upset with me. I’m ok with that, though, because that’s part of my job. I am here to help you help others. Learn how to set yourself up for success with truths 41-50 coming next week!


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