Sales is not a destination; sales is a journey of continual learning. Throughout my many years of selling, I have been constantly gaining new insights and ideas. The discussion continues about whether sales is an art or a science. People are quick to point out the number of new sales tools created by advances in technology; however, all of this is just noise. It’s up to you to determine how you want to hear the noise.

I see technological advances helping us in sales, but sales is still about human interaction and emotional decisions. I don’t care what you sell or who you sell it to. Even if there is zero interaction with humans, somebody somewhere is still involved and somewhere along the way emotion entered into the process. This is where prospecting has to come in.

I want you to be successful, so my last 10 truths are to help you have success in your prospecting. Before you read them, be sure to go back and read the first 40. I’ve posted the links below to help make it easy on you. When you put all of the “50 Prospecting Truths” into action, I promise that you will achieve your sales goals and more! 

Truths 1-10: It’s Your Job

Truths 11-20: Your Prospecting Plan

Truths 21-30: The Art of the Sales Call

Truths 31-40: Social Media & Email for Prospecting

Here are truths 41-50:

41. Prospecting is an omni-channel activity. It is not just email, the telephone, or social media. It is about using every tool in a deliberate manner.

42. Be ruthless in your follow through! Your objective is to work with customers, not to spend time with suspects who pretend to be prospects.

43. Never use the excuse of not having a tool as to why you’re not good at prospecting. Honestly, your best tools are your mind and your attitude.

44. Know the difference between prospects and suspects. Suspects do nothing but take up your time.

45. Your most valuable asset is time, so use it wisely. It’s not about being busy, it’s about being productive.

46. What and how you spend prospecting this month and this quarter will determine your outcome when closing next month and next quarter.

47. Prospecting is not an activity. Prospecting is a lifestyle.

48. Prospecting fuels sales. Sales fuels business. Business drives the economy.

49. Prospecting is freedom. When you prospect, you control your destiny and ultimately determine your level of success.

50. The only thing holding you back from success in sales is you!


Well, there you have it! That is the last ten of my “50 Prospecting Truths.” So, what’s the state of your emotions? I’m a firm believer in each one of these truths, but how could I not be? If I didn’t believe in each one of them, I wouldn’t be able to call them a truth. Among these final 10, two have always stood out to me. When I made these two part of the cornerstone in my business, amazing things began to happen. The two are: #47 and #50.


Out of all 50 truths, let me know which ones stand out to you! Also, share with me how you’re using them to shape how you prospect and sell.

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