You don’t have anything to close until you prospect. 

I see too many salespeople simply taking orders. They wait for the business to come to them.

I want to show you the seven Cs of having a Sales Hunter Mindset.

If you were making a cake, but you left out a critical ingredient, would the cake turn out? No, it would not. 

You have to have every component to make it happen.

A Hunter Mindset means that you have mastered all seven of these:

1. Clarity

You have to have clarity of what you’re selling. Do you have clarity around your value prop? And is your value prop truly outcome-focused, or is it just feature-driven?

Do you have clarity around who your ideal customer is? If you don’t have clarity around who your customer is, what you sell and why you sell, everything else is totally irrelevant. 

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2. Consistency

You’ve got to be able to stay in the game, and that includes follow up. 

I’ve had prospects that I have talked to twenty, thirty times before they’ve ultimately become a customer. 

Consistency is also about how you use your time. The most successful salespeople are the ones who have a very set routine and they never deviate from it. 

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3. Credibility

Your reputation arrives before you do, as does that of your company. This is why companies spend so much money on marketing. 

Spending time on social media can help create that level of credibility where people know who you are. I’m not saying to become obsessed with social media. However, credibility comes out through the relationships you cultivate, and some of those can grow online.

4. Confidence

This is not just you being confident, but the customer being confident, too. 

First of all, confidence is not to be confused with having an ego. I want you to be confident in your ability to dialogue with the customer, to help the customer see and achieve what they didn’t think was possible. By the way, when you demonstrate a level of confidence with the customer in terms of what questions to ask, it’s amazing how they in turn will have confidence in you. 

Does any customer ever want to do business with a salesperson that’s not confident? No, they don’t. 

Confidence is the separating factor. If the customer doesn’t have confidence in the solution, they’re certainly not going to pay a price. So if you ever want to expect to make profit, confidence has to be a key critical aspect. 

5. Communication

We have to communicate at the level and the tempo that the customer is looking for. That means we also have to use different communication types. In other words, we may prefer email. They may prefer the a phone call or text messaging. We have to become masters in each one. 

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6. Connection

Without connections, who are you selling to? Nobody. 

Connection really comes down to your prospecting process. What does your referral process look like? How do you stay in touch with customers, or others who can refer you? Do you keep subject matter experts and other people in your company at your disposal so you can utilize them with customers? 

7. Conversion 

Notice didn’t say close; I hate the word close because a close is an ending. The only good sale is one that leads to the next sale. That’s why I love to say convert.

My objective is to convert you into a raving fan. Yes, I want to help you achieve this outcome, but I’m truly converting you to where you’ll buy even more from me. Plus you’ll refer me to others in your space!

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