Forget the early bird. The most persistent bird gets the worm. 

Ask yourself: Am I consistent in how I use my time, how I schedule my time? Am I consistent in how I stay engaged with my customers and how I follow up? 

Many salespeople struggling to close deals are simply lacking one thing: consistency.

Consistency in time management.

The most successful salespeople are the ones who are absolutely consistent with their time. I get to work with some absolute top performers in a number of industries, people who are rocking it and commanding massive, massive paychecks. In fact, they all tell me one thing. They say, “Mark, our lives are really quite boring because we’re absolutely consistent with how we use our time.” 

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They’re disciplined, they’re absolutely dialed in, kknow exactly what to do, when to do it, and they don’t deviate from it. One guy tells me, “Every morning at nine o’clock, this is exactly what I’m doing. Every morning at 10 o’clock, this is exactly what I’m doing. The only deviation is if I happen to be on the road.” 

Answer yourself this question, are you consistent? Because when you create consistency, it’s amazing how it becomes repetitive.

Consistency in how you prospect. 

I see too many people make a bunch of phone calls and then they never come back and follow up. They have one sales call, but they’re not consistent in their follow-up. 

The sale is made in the follow-up. It’s not made on the first call. Are you demonstrating consistency in your follow-up? 

There are so many surveys and studies out there it could make your head spin, but the average customer buys after six or eight calls, but the average salesperson gives up after three or four (or something close to that). I’m going to venture to say that you are not being consistent enough. 

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Have something to share every time.

Don’t sit there and say, “Mark, I don’t have enough information to share.” 

That’s your problem; you haven’t taken the time to develop the information to share. 

Every time I reach out to a customer, I’m giving them new insights, new messages. Don’t tell me “I’m reaching out to them too often. I’ve called them five times and they’re not interested.” 

I’ve had many people that I’ve called numerous times and they totally ignore me, but ultimately they do come back and buy from me and they say, “Thank you for reaching out because you stayed consistent. I just never had time to reach out to you, but I do want to talk with you, and now’s the time I want to.”  

Pro tip: Use your CRM to set your focus!

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