voicemail-prospectingIn looking at the things that will help voicemail work for you in your prospecting efforts, we have arrived at the 5th tip:

#5: Your message must be one that conveys energy and confidence in your voice. Your prospect is busy. The last thing they want to listen to is a train wreck!

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We’ve all received more than our fair share of voicemails that are nothing more than an audible train wreck!  They’re a train wreck because you either can’t understand the person or they sound as if they have one foot in the grave.

Remember: The objective of the voicemail message is to get them to see you as a person they would want to connect with and do business with.

The last thing anyone wants is to do business with a person who comes across as lethargic. Energy sells, as it conveys passion and commitment.

Yes, too much energy can come across as cheesy and artificial, but that is hardly ever going to happen with 99.5% of all salespeople.

Customers and prospects want to feel confident about the salespeople they encounter, and that means you as a salesperson must display confidence in yourself.



Three things you can do to help convey confidence include:

  • Use a headset to make your calls. Engaging people talk with their hands and that’s pretty hard to do when you have one hand holding the handset.   Only thing to remember is to make sure the headset you use is a good one.
  • Stand up when making your prospecting calls.   Standing up gives us much more oxygen in our lungs and it’s amazing how much stronger your voice will sound.
  • Practice your messages. The first prospecting call you make each day should be to yourself to simply get yourself in gear.   This is no different than athletes warming up before a game.   This also gives you the chance to make sure you know what you’re going to say.

It’s amazing how a little preparation can and will increase your level of confidence.

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