voicemail-valueAs promised, I’m digging deeper into 5 Ways Voicemail Can Work for Prospecting.

So far we’ve covered making sure voicemail is only one of your tools and keeping your voicemails short.

We are now at #3: 

Your voicemail must contain something of value for the person receiving it. The message is not about you, that’s the last thing they want to hear.

Leaving a voicemail message with someone who was not looking for you to call them and then blathering on about how great you are is a HUGE recipe for failure.

The only thing you’ll succeed at is stroking your own ego, but along the way you’ll go broke due to a lack of sales.

Your message must be what will interest the prospect.   Best way to do this is by looking for information the prospect has most likely not seen that you have been able to review.   Sharing in a voicemail you have this type of information can give you critical leverage.

Remember, the key with your voicemail is not to complete a sale; it’s to engage them in a conversation, thus the reason to share information they will value.

To find information of value, I suggest monitoring websites that deal with your prospect’s industry / channel.   Another source can be association, trade and government sites dealing with their industry.

There is always new news, regulatory updates, etc., that you can share.   If you’re dealing with a specific industry, you can set up Google Alerts around key words, people and companies to ensure you get the latest insight.

The value of this approach is that most prospects view salespeople as being clueless about the prospect’s industry. They see salespeople as being self-serving.   When you leave a voicemail that is not self-serving, but rather focused on the prospect, it helps you stand apart.

I won’t say a single voicemail message of this type is going to suddenly make the prospect want to buy from you. What I can say is it will help to begin opening the door, because most likely they will begin to see you differently from other salespeople.

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