I am making good on my promise that I would unpack in detail the 5 Ways Can Work for Prospecting.

Today we’ll look at the first thing to remember:

#1:  Voicemail works when used as ONE of your prospecting tools, rather than the only one.

When voicemail is combined with emails and even postal mail and other means, it can become an even more powerful tool to reach prospects.

The reason is simple: Many times prospects will see value in the message you leave, but choose not to reach back to you via the telephone.

Their fear is if they call you back, they will be caught in a long phone call. This is why adding email to a voicemail campaign can be very effective.

Leaving a voicemail and a few days later leaving an email can create a connection with the prospect.   Do not commit the ultimate stupid mistake of asking if they received the voicemail. I believe leaving a comment like this can be seen as insulting. Of course they got the other message! They simple chose not to respond.

When you use voicemail and email together, the important thing is to make sure they are not merely the same message delivered in different formats. Again, this is insulting. Key is in making sure both messages convey something of value to the prospect.

They know you’re selling. That’s not a problem. What is the problem is they don’t see a reason to reach out to you.  This is why it is essential to share with the prospect something that taps into one or more of their concerns.

The approach I prefer is to leave a voicemail stating how you have new insights regarding a study or new news on something the prospect would be interested in.

The email you send can then share a specific insight from the report or news. In both cases, what you’re doing is showing the prospect you care about what they care about and you can help them.

Using voicemail and email in tandem allows for the prospect to have a safe way to reach back to you should they desire. People view responding back via email as being faster, because they won’t get caught up in a phone call. Prospects will also view it as safer because the communication is via email.

You might be thinking if email is safer, then why even leave a voicemail?

It’s a valid question. The voicemail is critical because it’s allowing you to stand apart from the vast majority of salespeople who merely send emails. It also allows you to convey professionalism with your tone of voice and approach.

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