Top performers just do things differently. 

They have a very succinct strategy because the only day we can truly impact is today.

Yesterday has passed, and tomorrow is yet to come. Today is for making a difference.

1. Attitude

Top performers don’t moan and groan when Monday rolls around. They’re excited, and seek to make Mondays absolutely successful. 

Mondays is without a doubt, the best day of the week because it sets the tone for the week. Top performers have an attitude of success and expectation of being able to influence and impact other people.

2. Routine

Have a routine and stick with it. That means every day: this is what it looks like. 

I look at many, many top performers and as I’ve studied their calendars, it’s amazing how every day at 9:00 is the same thing.

Whatever time your day starts, those first few hours are crucial for setting the tone and expectations for the day. 

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3. Goal focused

They don’t deviate from their goals. Every day might not move them closer to their goal, but they know that every day they’re going to work on their goal. 

I set goals, and I review them daily. And all my activities that I’m doing over the course of the day are geared to help me achieve those goals. 

Are there some days that just don’t work out? Yes. But you know what? I know if I just stay focused and stay consistent, I’ll get there.

4. The 10:00 AM rule

Set your alarm for 10:00 AM because when it goes off, I want you to ask yourself, “What have I achieved of significance already today?

Now let’s say from 10:01 on, your day falls apart. You’ve still had a great day because you accomplished something significant before 10:00 AM. 


If, on the other hand, you accomplish something significant and it doesn’t fall apart, guess what? You’re empowered. You’re feeling good, and it’s amazing how much more you do that day. 

Now, I get up at 4:30 in the morning, so if you’re an early riser like me, try an 8:00 AM rule. 

5. Clear objectives

I set my week, or my day with the objectives I’m going to accomplish. But what about those times that I may get to 5:00 p.m. or 6:00 p.m. and I haven’t achieved those objectives? I’m going to stay focused and get those objectives accomplished–even if that means staying up late.

Sure, life happens. But when you set up daily objectives and you fail to achieve them, you’ve actually cheated yourself.

6. Expectation to win

There’s a reason why top performing teams win the close games, because they just have an expectation to win. Average people settle for average. “It is what it is…” 

Sure, the sun will come up in the morning, but I’m still going to figure out a way to win.

7. Gratitude

Absolute gratitude, thankful. One of the things that I do every morning is take a moment to be thankful. I have a quiet time where I’m reflecting on those who have impacted me. 

I’m thinking of those who I’ll be talking to over the course of the day, and I have a sense of gratitude. 

Yes, I’m a very spiritual person. I love my faith and I spend time in gratitude for what I’ve been given.


8. Respect for others

You can’t demonstrate gratitude without having respect for others. When I have a respect for others, it’s amazing how doors just seem to open up. I can’t tell you the number of times when I’ve done some of the simplest things for others, and I don’t even do it with an expectation of anything in return. Stuff just happens!  

Just spend time listening to somebody and it’s amazing what you’ll hear. Respect changes what you think of yourself, and you realize that you can learn from every other person out there.

9. No flinching 

There are curve balls that are thrown at you, but no flinching. You just put it aside, and keep going. 

Look at a top performing athlete. They may miss a shot, or do something unexpected, but they put it aside and they power back up. 

I may have a call that doesn’t go the way I want it to, or something breaks or my computer dies, but I’m not going to allow it to take time away 

10. Unbelievable commitment

They are committed to their success, and that means soaking up all learning possible. Are you going to read this blog today and do nothing? Or will you find a golden nugget (or two) to apply this week? 

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