No, you’re not going to become a top performing salesperson overnight.

However,  if you do these 15 things and you stick to it, I guarantee you will become a top performing salesperson.

This is part II of 15 things that you have the capability to do right now to become a top performer. If you want #1-7, click here for Part I.

8. Commitment to a solution

Top performing salespeople are always committed to staying in their lane and finding a solution for the customer. 

The commitment to the solution might mean referring that customer to somebody else. It might mean owning up to the fact that you’re not capable of handling it. 

That is an unwavering support that keeps top performers in the game. 

9. Continuous learning

They’re always learning new things about their customers, the industry, and how to work with their customers.

They have a thirst to know more information, because that’s how to know they’ve become more valuable to their customers. 

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10.  Listening

Why should I show up to a customer and just spout off? If all I’m doing is spouting off, they can go to YouTube and find a video on that. 

Listening is about dialoguing, understanding, and questioning. The greatest listening technique that top performing salespeople do is: ask a question,  and with whatever it is the customer  shares, turn around and ask another question to build on it

It’s not about, “Wow, I have this list of 10 questions that I need to power through.” 

11. Support team

These are people around that help top performers achieve their tasks. That team might be customer service, your boss, other salespeople, but there’s a support team. 

Now, you may be a solopreneur and you say, “Mark, I am my own salesperson. I don’t have a support team.” In fact you do because you have others around you who you can turn to for guidance. 

12. Having a servant attitude

It’s not about you, it’s about putting the other person first. A servant attitude is saying, ‘I’m going to serve other people’. 

I serve on several boards of non-profit groups. Sure, it takes time away from me, but I love doing it because it’s part of my servant attitude. What I’ve found is that the more I give of myself, the more I get back. It’s amazing how I’ve grown personally, professionally, mentally–in so many different ways.

13. Balance

Does balance mean you’re spending equal time doing everything? No, balance means that you have your rhythm. 

It’s not everything being equal, but they know that when they’re in the groove of spending time with their family, they’re 100% there. And likewise when they’re in the groove working, 

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14. Optimists play the long game

Pessimists play the short game. “Oh, there’s no deal to be made here. This is bad and that is bad.”  Optimists always know that there’s a solution. In addition, they always know that times will get better, and as a result they keep their mindset focused on the  long game. 

Talk to the top performing salesperson, and many times they’ll have 25 year goals that they’re going to achieve. Do you? 

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15. Belief in you

You believe in yourself, not from an arrogant standpoint, but with a level of humbleness in knowing that you have the ability to impact and influence other people. To do that you must have a strong belief in yourself. 

That’s not arrogance. It’s really about being authentic, and having a level of trust and confidence that you inspire in others because you’ve already placed it in yourself. 

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