Anybody can become a top-performing salesperson. 

It’s not what you sell. It’s the why and the how you sell that make it happen. 

First, why do you sell? Because you’re helping customers achieve things that they didn’t think were possible.  Next, your how is the process that you use. Let’s dive in on both.

1. Mindset 

This is why I wrote the book, A Mind for Sales, because it’s all focused around your mindset in terms of being able to achieve because you know you can. 

If you doubt yourself going into a transaction, your customers will doubt you also. A positive attitude shapes everything. Also, it opens your mind up to listen and understand better. 

I see this all the time in myself. If I’m practicing a top-level mindset, it’s amazing what I’m hearing from my customers. Plus I’m able to help them in more ways, and in turn achieve more business because of it.

2. Goal-focused 

Top performers review their goals every morning. This morning I reviewed my goals, did you? Every morning I review my goals, and I ask myself, what are the activities I’m going to do today that are going to help move me closer to achieving my goals

By the way, top performer goals are not easy goals. They’re big goals! And they know that achieving the goal is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Initially, it’s just a mass of pieces. But as you begin to put the pieces together, it’s amazing how the picture becomes clear. In fact, you begin picking up momentum and you’re able to see how things fit together. It’s the same when you’re goal-focused.

3. Peer set

Who are you spending time with? 

You’ve heard, “You become the sum of the five people you associate with the most.” Isn’t your goal is to lift yourself and others up?

I’m currently in a mastermind with three other people. It’s amazing–the conversations we have today are dramatically different from what we had three years ago because we’ve all moved to the next level collectively.

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4. Time management

Time is the one asset nobody can make more of. All we can do is utilize the time we have more efficiently, and more effectively.

Top-performing salespeople block their calendar. I block my calendar with almost every hour of the day. Of course, I leave white space in there for things that just emerge. Otherwise, I know exactly what I’m going to be doing, and I stay focused on that.

Read these 6 Ways Great Salespeople Master Their Time.

5. Focus and discipline

Focus and discipline affects mindset, your goals and your time management

If you don’t have a morning routine, start one. It puts the rest of the day in motion. I go through the same workout and quiet time seven days a week, and  because I start off the day disciplined and focused, the rest of the day remains that way.

6. Clear customer outcomes

Top-performing sales people don’t try creating world peace, or solving world hunger–although those are noble causes. Instead, as a professional they know the customer outcomes they can create, and they stay focused on that. 

It’s about being absolutely laser focused on staying in your lane. 


7. Simplicity and repetition

Top-performing sales people don’t view things in a complex manner. Instead, they keep a simple, repetitive routine.

For instance, I know top-performing salespeople who literally have the same thing to eat every day because they don’t want to waste their time. Steve Jobs always wore a black turtleneck because he didn’t want to waste time thinking about what to wear. 

Brilliant people are very simplistic. Stay in that mode. 

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