How does your team measure up?

If you’re a sales manager, use these 14 questions to help you determine whether or not you really have top performers. 

A lot of people say or think they’re top performers, but they’re not. If you’re not a manager, how do you personally measure up to these standards? Where can you grow?

1. Does the individual look at their sales quota and share with their leader a plan to overachieve it? 

Top performers don’t look at their quota and say, how am I going to hit it? They look at it and say, how am I going to overachieve it

2. Does the individual actively engage others in the company to help them become stronger? 

Do they seek others and use other resources to help them become a better salesperson? 

3. Does the individual person plan their business at least three quarters out?

They’re not just working one quarter out, rather they’re looking much further into the future.

4. Is the individual quick to use subject matter experts in the company to help them with a customer meeting?

Lone wolves will sit there and say, “I want to do it all myself.” Lone wolves may be successful for a while, but they’re never successful forever. The top performer reaches out and grabs those subject matter experts to help them. 

5. Does the individual provide insights to senior management in a positive manner? 

They don’t just bellyache to senior management, but they provide insights with a good attitude. They’re always looking at things from an optimistic view.

6. Does the individual effectively manage their time, have a routine and how to do things, including how they start each day? 

Top performers are very regimented in their focus and how they do their time. If they can’t tell you exactly how they start their day, guess what? They’re not a top performer. 

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7. Is the individual being sought out by other companies to join their sales team? 

Don’t let somebody tell you they’re a top performer if there’s never been another company trying to poach them. Top performers may not tell you when they have recruiters calling them, but you can tell or get wind of it. 

8. Do customers view the individual as a resource for information and insights that go beyond what they sell? 

High-potential salespeople don’t just sell to their customers, but they help them run their business. They help them do everything, and customers will view the individual as a resource for more information. 

9. Does the individual have an optimistic attitude and refrain from any negative talk about others in or outside the company? 

I can’t be a top performer and be negative. 

10. Is the individual regularly giving referrals, not just getting referrals, but giving referrals?

Top performers give referrals. They know the value of giving referrals. 

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11. Is the individual continuously remaining in touch with customers and working to develop more long-term relationships? 

You may have a sales process that once the salesperson lands the account, it gets handed off. However, top performers still find a way to stay in touch because they’re always working and looking at ways to develop long-term relationships. 

12. Does the individual exhibit a style and approach that puts the customer first and takes the time to understand them both professionally and personally?

Top performers don’t run in and say, “Buy for me. Buy for me.” Instead, they say, “Talk to me. Tell me about your business. Tell me about you.” 

13. Is the individual continually looking to increase their knowledge? 

They’re never content just knowing what they know. They always want to learn. 


14. Does the individual demonstrate consistency in the time it takes them to respond to emails, phone messages, et cetera?


They’re consistent with that because they’re such control freaks with their time and their process.

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