passionAre you passionate about sales?

If you want to be successful, your customer needs to see, feel and hear your passion when it comes to assisting them.

Passion is a word that gets bantered about a lot, and yet few people truly understand what it means to the selling relationship.

I have yet to see a study that accurately shows how much passion can impact sales, but what I’ve found is salespeople who are passionate simply close more sales.  Not only do they close more sales, but they close better sales.

Passion comes from a deep seated interest and conviction on your part as the salesperson in wanting to help customers.

Passionate salespeople have a level of empathy and interest customers can feel and see.  It comes across in body language, listening skills, and every aspect of the selling process.

When customers interact with salespeople who have passion to serve them, it’s amazing how it changes the dynamics of the discussion.   Passion doesn’t mean a salesperson rolls over and plays dead by giving into the demands of the customer.

On the contrary, I believe passion gives the salesperson a level of confidence to hold firm, because they know what they’re providing is going to make a difference.

Passion not only impacts the selling process with the customer, but it also impacts the motives and focus of the salesperson.  Salespeople who are passionate are simply more active. They’re more engaged and they are more focused.

Challenge is passion is not something that is taught, rather it is something that is lived out and seen by others.

I feel strongly that passion is something that becomes incredibly contagious.

When one person demonstrates real passion in helping another person, it is amazing  how the other person will quickly pick up on it and, in turn, have passion to assist someone else.

Your objective each day is to not just go and sell, but to go and sell with passion.

Ask yourself this question:  “Do I have the passion to sell and the commitment to serve?”   Those who do will realize benefits they never dreamed possible.

Copyright 2013, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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