What will it take to win starting Jan. 1 and what is the plan you need to implement?

Take the time to dig into the below 11 questions now to help you significantly increase your level of success in the new year.   You can choose to wait and see what the new year brings or you can be pro-active and be the one who makes things happen in the new year.

1. Realize sales is a mind game and it starts with your mind. Who is the voice you need to get out of your life and who do you need to let in?

2. Who is the customer you need to drop that is taking up too much of your time for little profit or no potential for profit?

3. Narrow your focus. Don’t try to prospect everyone, but rather be selective.

4. Set your prospecting time and stick to it! Prospecting will never become a priority until you make it priority in your calendar.

5. Manage your day based on your calendar. You control your time. It’s the most valuable asset you have.

6. Streamline your selling process by simplifying your forms and processes. You can’t afford to have your time consumed with activities that bring no value.

7. Create your dream team. Who can you reach out to? Sales is not a solo activity. Sales is a team sport and you need to make sure you have great teammates.

8. Focus on the big opportunities in the 1st quarter. Play big in the 1st quarter, as it may take several quarters for the opportunities to materialize into business.  Focusing on big opportunities early in the year will increase your probability of having them generate revenue this year.

9. Create multiple relationships with all of your larger customers and prospects. You can’t afford to rely on only one contact at your major customers, because that person may leave.

10. Build your quarterly plan based on a 12-week quarter and your annual plan based on 11 months. This will allow you to use the last week of every quarter and the last month of the year to begin setting up the next quarter or year, rather than stressing out trying to make the current quarter or year.

11. Make time for yourself. Take care of yourself and you can take care of your customers. Sales is not an activity. It’s a lifestyle.

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