Leaders create leaders. It’s amazing what happens when you become in sync with your customers. Often I get to witness this amazement when I ride along with another salesperson and make sales calls. It’s cool to have a front row seat when things suddenly click!

After each sales call, I always ask myself why things seemed to come together and fit perfectly. I’ve come to the realization that the reason is because of just one thing: the mental outlook and preparedness of the salesperson. You know the feeling when things are just happening. I know you know what I’m talking about, because you’ve been there before. You come out of the call, hang up the phone and just want to pinch yourself because of how well it went. Situations like this don’t happen independently. No, they happen because you are prepared and wired to make it happen.

Watch any great athlete and you will see a coach (or probably multiple) helping, encouraging and supporting him/her. In your job, you have a manager that is supposed to be your coach. Are they really coaching you, though? No. I would imagine that they are managing the numbers far more than they are coaching you or any other employee.

If an athlete has a coach, you should have one too. Looking back on my sales calls, the ones that went very well were because of the pre-call coaching. Everyone needs a coach that will guide and train them in achieving their specific goals. It all comes down to coaching if you want to be serious about your sales career.

There are a lot of coaches out there. The key is that you find someone who understands you, your goals and will challenge you to grow to the next level. Having the right coach for you matters. The right coach will make a huge impact. I have seen this with others and even with myself. You can call it the willingness to be held accountable or whatever you want, but when you put yourself in a position to be coached, good things will happen. I promise!

Make the move and start the process. Get a coach! I would be happy to assist you with this. Now, I am not going to say that I am the solution since we may not know each other, but feel free to reach out. Let’s talk! We share a common goal of wanting to be successful.

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