After speaking at a conference recently, a sales manager approached me to say how his company is seen as the premier company in their industry for their quality and service.  He went on to say how everyone loved them, and then he dropped the bombshell.  He said the big reason they were the leader was because they would cut their price to match any competitor’s price.  With that statement, I lost it!

My response to him was, “If you’re the leader in service and quality, then why do you have to cut your price to match everyone else?”  His response shocked me even more.  He said, “If we didn’t cut our price, then we’d lose a lot of business very quickly.” With that statement he proved that his statement about quality and service was a sham.

If you’re the leader, then act like the leader and lead with your pricing, and that means no discounts!  People will pay for quality. In the end they don’t want cheap prices. They want solutions to their problems.

Check out this video where I talk about how the value you offer will determine the price you get:

Sales leaders don’t discount!  What part of this do you not understand?  Leadership commands a premium price!   Clearly this sales manager’s company was not the leader he thought they were.  If they were, then he wouldn’t have to be matching every other price in the marketplace.

Being a sales leader is not just saying the words; it’s doing the actions that go along with it.  If you can’t back up your sales leadership beliefs with prices that go with it, then guess what?  You’re not a sales leader.

Sales leadership is not for everyone. If was a sales leader, who would they be leading?

Leadership is about setting the standards for the industry. It’s about being on the front end of impacting the marketplace.  Leadership is about people coming together throughout the supply chain to create superior outcomes.  For those who do that, your customers will pay full price and many times they will pay a premium.  They’ll do this for one simple reason. They know in the end it’s not the price one pays for something, but rather it’s the value one receives from what they buy that determines the real outcome.

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