Cold-calling is never easy, but here’s a very quick phone sales tip I’ll share based on what I’ve been watching my phone do the past few weeks.  I’ve had a company (we’ll call “X”) calling me every day for the past 3 weeks.  They have never left a message, but I know they have called because their name appears on my “Missed Call” list.  Unfortunately, “X” will never connect with me because I’m annoyed by their persistence.  (How’s that for a comment coming from me?)  They call at nearly the same time every day.  If they can’t get it through their head by now that I’m rarely in the office, then they never will. 

Cold-calling requires a strategy.  The one I use is to make 3 attempts at various times of the day /week.  If you can’t get through, then leave a message.  Wait again, and then try a single repeat call.  If you get no response, send them an email or hard mail. 

From there, use my cold-calling strategy.  I’ve got several articles outlining it on my website.  Or, you can listen to the cold-calling teleseminar I did in December through Lorman Educational Services.  Follow the link to it on my homepage.   It’s a great sales development / sales training program tool for anyone looking to sharpen their telephone sales skills.

Cold-calling is essential to many sales people.  Remember, persistence is great.  I preach it all the time.  But stupid persistence is just that . . . stupid!

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