Do I really have to spend the afternoon weeding? It’s certainly not at the top of my list of things to do, but it needs to get done. There are things we have to do even though we don’t want to. Weeding is one of them, because in the spring, the weeds will overtake the yard. We could easily let the weeds go and just say, forget it. We could not cut back the bushes or trim everything up and decide to just deal with it in the Spring, but no. That’s not the best choice for multiple reasons.

We know for a fact that it would make for a bigger mess in the spring. It would be an even bigger problem. It’s easier to just dedicate a Fall afternoon and get it done. So, that’s what my wife and I are doing. All of this leads me to share about my weeding experience on this Mornings with Mark. Let’s talk for a moment. So many things have popped into my head.

First, we’ve decided to take care of the work before we need to. Note that we live in a part of the country where soon snow will come. In just a few months, snow will cover the soil and everything on the ground for a season. That said, we could just forget about it and let it go; however, I’m certain it would come back worse in the Spring. Therefore, putting off the work doesn’t really make sense, because in the end, it would make a lot more work. I can’t help but think about all the times in my own life when I’ve put something off and said I’ll just get to it later. Then, for example, snow falls, and we don’t get to it.

Then boom! Spring hits, and the weeds are worse than ever. There’s a thing about pulling the weeds, because there’s plants we got to leave in the ground. We don’t want to trim those back. We want to leave them there, because they’re great plans. Again, it’s about cleaning out stuff around us that starts with taking stock. Continually, I have to assess what things I need to clean out of my life, both personally and professionally, in order to allow the good stuff to grow more and better.

I think this is a subject we should all consider taking stock in right now. Assess which weeds you need do trim and which weeds you need to just plain get rid of. What trimming do you need to do in this pandemic environment, so that when we’re out of it, we can flourish even more. Even further, what things do you need to get rid of entirely? Period.

Take a moment right now to take stock of your life – all aspects of it. What do you need to trim down? What do you need to cut back? What do you need to pull? What do you need to remove and never replace? What do you need to put some fertilizer on or something else to really stop it? What do you need to prevent from re-appearing in your life?

Alright, taking a break from weeding to share this with you was good, but there’s a lot more to do. I’ll surely be at this for another few hours. Thank you for letting me do another Mornings with Mark. Actually, hey, this is more like an “Afternoon” with Mark because it’s actually 2:30PM on a Saturday. We’ll get over it, though. It’s the way life is. I’m trimming and cutting back, so Spring is better. Will you choose to do the same?

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