The first rule is don’t make it about you! A lot of people struggle with this. When I get a sample email from someone having problems, I can tell right away why they are struggling. If your prospecting emails are all about you, they are not valuable to the person you’re sending them to.

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The most important real estate in a prospecting email is the subject line and the first ten words. Think of these two areas as the same thing, similar to the title of a book and its cover. If you’re browsing online or in a bookstore, you probably focus on the title to help you decide if you want to want to look any further and read the book. What catches your eye is the title and the cover. These two things determine if you just gloss over it or actually pick it up and take a deeper look. This same analogy applies to your emails. If the subject line and first ten words don’t grab the person’s attention, it’s unlikely that they will read beyond the subject line and those first ten words.

You could have the best email copy in the world, but they may never see it if they do not open it! Writing great copy is not a license to make it long. No! Typically, the best copy is short. Your goal with a prospecting email is to generate interest, not to give them enough information to make a decision.

You want your prospect to make the next step, but you have to create that next step for them. This means having a call to action. Your call to action is that one sweet spot. Don’t blow it by having multiple calls to action. Keep it simple! I am amazed at the number of prospecting emails that either do not have any call to action or they offer a buffet of options.

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