How do you view others around you?  If you have kids like I do, then you undoubtedly view them in the context of long term and what you think they will become.  If we only focus on what our kids are today, then it negates our ability to help them become who they’re capable of becoming.

Same thing applies to everyone you lead and, for that matter, everyone with whom you come in contact.  When we view people long term and see them for what they will become, it changes significantly how we communicate with them today.   The person who is in the gatekeeper role today may in time become the VP of Sales.

People and the potential they hold are no different than a stock you might buy.  You wouldn’t buy a stock for its value today. That would be pointless.  You buy stock today in anticipation of what you feel it will be worth in the future. The relationship we create are our investments in our own success.  As those we interact with on a regular basis grow, then we should assume we will grow, too.

We can bring this home even more by looking at leads and prospects.  Your goal is that the lead or prospect will materialize into a profitable relationship for both you and the customer.

Who are the people in your life you need to start looking at differently?  Who are the people to whom you have not given enough time?   Flip this around and ask yourself who are the people who invested in you?  Aren’t you glad they invested in you?  Where would you be if they had not invested in you?

The parallels between sales and leadership are endless.  It’s why I’m passionate about sales, because I’m passionate about people.  Your goal is to view each person you meet for what they can become, not as they are today.

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