In my book “High-Profit Selling,” I talk a lot about how to maximize your price and not cave in to the customer. Once you start to cave in, it’s amazing how low you will go and how frequently you will do it. I have never met a salesperson who only gave a discount one time.

Getting customers to focus on their needs and not on your price requires focus. Here is a little piece from my book, “High Profit Selling,” on this issue:

“I cannot stress enough the importance of showing customers the value in what they are looking to buy from you. If customers still believe that they are going to receive a lower price based on request, I recommend again that you strongly remind them that the price is firm. You must hold firm on price because – and here’s the important part – customers who are only concerned about the low price are not the type of customers you want to have. When customers argue too much about price before a sale is even close to being made, then they are probably going to argue over everything after the sale. Let me repeat what I’ve been saying all along: Salespeople who sell to customers only on low price are not salespeople; they are nothing more than order takers.

If the customer cannot grasp the benefits of what they are looking to buy, then there is no sense in you continuing to deal with them.”

So, how are you doing when it comes to holding firm on price? Are you standing your ground or caving in?

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