How many times have you found yourself totally out of control with way too many things to work on?

It’s been a hard lesson for me to learn again, and again, and again. How many things are we attempting to do at one time? 


We all live a crazy life. I didn’t expect it, but the pandemic has caused me to have more things on my plate with less time than ever before. On the one hand, I’ve learned to be efficient. But more importantly: the value of being focused on one thing, and staying focused until it’s done.

It’s easy for us to jump back and forth from one responsibility to the next, and then we wonder why we don’t actually get enough done. 

Where Is Your Focus

Something I’ve been really driving home with myself is just focusing on one thing, and getting it done completely.

Remember, you can only keep so many plates spinning. 

It feels so good to get task after task off my plate. The more I practice this, the more focused I become, and actually, the more disciplined I become. That development of discipline in myself means I get more done. It’s a beautiful cycle. And the most important parts are focus and discipline.

Sometimes in my life when I’m not getting things done, it’s because I’m not focused due to lack of discipline with my time. 

Focus, discipline and time–you put those three things together, and you create results.

My Challenge to You

 I’m really challenging myself, and I challenge you to be thinking about:

What are you doing to focus? 

How are you practicing discipline in your schedule?

What does that mean? It means really being prudent with your time and getting more done. 

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