In my book, High-Profit Selling, I talk a lot about how to maximize your price and not cave to the customer. Once you start to cave in, it’s amazing how low you will go and how frequently you will do it. I have never met a salesperson who only gave a discount one time.

Getting customers to focus on their needs and not on your price requires focus and process. In my book, I outline, 10 Steps To Execute a Price Increase. Here is a small part of what I share in the 10 steps:

  1. Know your strategy as to what the price increase is going to accomplish and establish expectations and goals.
  2. Determine and isolate the customer’s key benefits, as these will help you sell the increase.
  3. Never “ask” for a price increase, you tell the customer what the price will be.
  4. Reinforce the price increase by sharing the “FDPOV.”

So, how are you doing when it comes to being able to get the price you want? Are you standing your ground or caving in and allowing the customer to dictate your price?

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