Think about the number of times you’ve been faced with a difficult decision and the stress of having to reach a decision.  One of the things you struggled with is your ethics and how they impact your thinking.

Bruce Weinstein is known as “The Ethics Guy,” and I say he really is “the ethics guy” — not just because he has a trademark on the name, but because I’ve known him for several years and have watched him live out his ethics.

You see, ethics is not just something you say. It is something you live.  Anyone can say they’re ethical. It’s another thing to live it in the midst of an issue that has financial or moral implications.

Watch this short video interview I had with Bruce on this subject:


Where does ethics fall in the list of characteristics a salesperson should have?  For that matter, what is the role ethics should play in everyone?

In this interview, Bruce Weinstein brings up a key point that caring is the soul of ethics.  Think about what that means to you and how you deal with customers.  Ethics is something a lot of people talk about, but it is much harder to live out, especially in difficult situations.

As a sales leader, you’re tasked with impacting others, but what does that really mean?  Whether it is a meeting with a customer, another department in your company or a person who works for you, the need to care for them is essential.

Leadership is under attack on all fronts. As a leader, you have those around you looking to tear you down. The same is said of a salesperson. There are numerous competitors always looking to discredit you.

When you’re in front of people, your ethics will be challenged.  I’ve found in my own life numerous times where I’ve been faced with critical decisions that call into question my ethics.

Anyone can stand up when everyone around them is standing up.  It’s an entirely different situation to stand up when you’re the only one.  This is the game changer I use to measure my ethics. For me ethics is not what others would do in a situation; it’s what I would do in a situation.

I do believe the words “ethics” and “sales” can be spoken together in the same sentence.  To me the only salesperson who will be successful long term is the salesperson who demonstrates strong ethics.  In the words of Bruce Weinstein, it begins by caring.

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