For this week’s Mornings with Mark, I am sitting in a cool, retro office break area. There are all kinds of retro books, clocks, trophies and transistor radios around me. It has me thinking about everything from the past today.

Stop and think about this: What from your past can help you rejuvenate new ideas? People created this room I am sitting in for one very simple reason: They wanted to create an environment for people to come in to collaborate, and have their thinking be shifted.

You cannot look at all this retro stuff without automatically thinking about days gone by. It brings up experiences and different ideas; it changes your thinking.

Sometimes, in order for us to get the ideas we need, we have to change our thinking. With that, we have to change our environment. Think about the idea of changing your environment for a moment, and what that would look like.

Here is what I am going to challenge you with – and I have a challenge with this one, too – what can you do to change your environment?

At the end of the day, what are we paid to do?

We are not paid to execute; we are paid to think so we execute more effectively.

Thanks for joining me for another Mornings with Mark. Take care.

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