I can’t help but say I am struck the sun came up this morning.

Over the last few days, I have had some unbelievable, difficult phone calls with people calling me and sharing challenges in their life. This is definitely not a normal period of time that we are in right now. I’ll admit I have had my share of issues, too.

But, the sun came up this morning and it’s a brand new day. It’s absolutely sunny here in Nebraska, and it’s a beautiful morning. In fact, right now, I’m looking forward to my run. All things aside, I cannot help but think: No matter what our challenges are and no matter how difficult situations may be, they only last for a period of time. This, too, shall pass.

I have had various people recapping issues to me that they are dealing with and asking for some advice and ideas. Not to mention, I’m thinking about my own challenges, but I cannot help but think that this, too, shall pass.

This is just a season in time.

I think back, “Man, how many times in my life have I struggled over various issues?” Now, I can look back and say, “Really? I was worried about that?” It’s amazing how things do work out.

Put it in perspective and relax. What I find is when we do that, we become calmer.

For me, I can rely on my faith to calm me down. What is it for you that helps you weather the storm?

These trees behind me in the video have no leaves on them because, of course, they have lost them. But you know what? In another month or two, buds will begin to reappear, and spring will be here. 

You see, just as the sun came up again this morning, the seasons change. Just as we have challenges today and may feel like we’re stuck in a valley, we will be on a mountaintop tomorrow.

This, too, shall pass, and great days lie ahead. I’m optimistic and I’m pumped. I’m excited about what the future brings for me and, more importantly, what the future brings for you.

Take care.

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