You think you’re a sales leader? Congratulations! You will never become one without first seeing yourself as one.  Thinking you’re a sales leader is not enough, though. You have to walk the talk, not merely talk the talk.

The number of sales managers who are despised by those they lead is probably a number with at least 7 digits.  Salespeople are smart and they don’t have time to be led by the village idiot.  What does it take to be a sales leader? Sales leadership is centered around 9 traits.  Each trait is essential. It’s not about 2 or 3. It’s about all nine.

1. Demonstrates trust

2. Creates a motivating environment

3. Sets and communicates clear objectives and goals

4. Supports and empowers others

5. Commits to follow-through and completion

6. Listens attentively

7. Remains vision-oriented

8. Fosters team environment

9. Focuses on people, not tasks

Download the infographic showing these 9 at this link.  If you’re a sales leader keep it in front of you.  If you’re a salesperson, download it and get it in front of your manager.

Sales is not a solo activity. Sales is a team sport and that means everyone has to be on the same team — salespeople and sales manager! Everyone!

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