There is no reason to think that your mind isn’t capable of doing amazing things

It’s incredible that your mind could ever tell you, “You can’t do this. You can’t do this.” Unfortunately, that’s what most average salespeople hear.

However, the top performing salesperson has a mindset that says, “I can find a way to do this.” Is your own mindset in that place? How does your mind measure up to these 7 truths? 

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1. You need to protect your mindset.

Your mindset going into any activity determines the results you get coming out of it. 

The top performing salesperson crowds out all those negative thoughts by only allowing a positive mindset. 

Consider a mindset routine including preparation the night before each work day, and thankfulness each morning. 

As you’ll see in my next points, too, top performers filter what they allow themselves to listen to, read, and talk about because their mindset matters

2. You become who you surround yourself with.

You see, they surround themselves with positive people. Or the content they’re reading.

They surround themselves with positive content that they’re viewing.

What are you doing to crowd out the negative mindset? There may be people that you have to stop associating with; or people that you need to start associating with. There may be websites and podcasts that you need to listen to and others that you don’t need to listen to.

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3. Don’t dwell on the negative. 

If you run into a low performing person, they’re always negative. I have yet to find a low performing person who has a positive attitude. It just doesn’t happen. 

Now, I’m not saying a positive attitude makes you a top performer, but you know what? A positive attitude will take that bottom performer and begin quickly moving them up the food chain. 

4. Grow your mind. 

What are you reading? 

The top 1% are constantly growing their mind. 

Your mind is the greatest app you’ve ever had. And the greatest app you’ll ever have. 

Average salespeople like to think, “Well, if I just get this app, or that other thing, then I’ll be successful.” 

They forget that the greatest app is right between their ears. 

Instead, you’ve got to understand the value of apps. Great salespeople know that it’s their mind’s job to control the app, not the other way around. That’s the difference between settling and breaking through to that next level.

The top performer knows that they can fly solo with their mind, because this allows them to walk into any situation and be absolutely prepared. 

So I’ll challenge you again:

  • What books are you reading? 
  • Which podcasts are you listening to? 
  • What are you doing to fill your mind with the positive insights that are going to help you be successful?

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5. Thankfulness breeds action.

When I wake up in the morning, I take a few minutes in very quiet solitude. I’ve become very thankful for the gifts that I’ve received and how I’m going to use them. I also take a moment to be thankful for the people who are in my life. 

Afterward, I begin thinking about the people who I’m going to come in contact with over the course of the day.

I remember that my objective is to influence and impact people.

Therefore, my mindset is focused on one thing: How am I going to influence and impact others? Because if I can do that, and achieve what they didn’t think was possible, how can I not get excited?

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6. It’s not about the problems. 

We all have problems. 

It’s not the problems we face, it’s how we respond to the problems we face. 

This is what your mindset is all about. Frame up your mindset to where you can handle the negativity. Because when you are full of optimism, it’s amazing how you listen better. You will be able to diagnose problems better. You’ll be more creative in outcomes and the solutions that you can come up with.

More importantly, you’re going to be far more successful

7. Optimism attracts the right crowd.

Do people typically want to hang around with negative people? No. 

Well, excuse me, negative people want to hang around with negative people!

But successful people, the top performers, they’re optimists. Therefore, they want to hang out with other optimists. Those are the people you want to be hanging out with. 

Certainly, positive thinking breeds more positive thinking. You want people in your circle who will lift you up, keep you accountable, and challenge you, too. 

Tune in next week as we focus on the third core element: Network.

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