Customers continue to get smarter, and in today’s economy, they are using more tactics than ever to get what they want.

Here are 5 sales negotiation strategies you can use:

1. Sell first. Negotiate second.

Too many salespeople are willing to negotiate at the drop of a hat.  Don’t get into that habit. Rule is to sell first and allow the customer to reject your unique selling proposition twice before even thinking about negotiating.

2. Don’t negotiate on price.

Negotiate on services you can provide at a low cost but the customer will perceive as being high in value. Once you give the customer a lower price, they’ll expect it each time.

3. Never interrupt a customer and, by all means, always allow the customer to speak first.

4. Time is the greatest negotiating tool you have.

The more you can know about the customer’s timeline, the better.  Conversely, the less the customer knows about yours, the better off you will be.

5. Don’t start any negotiation until you know exactly what it is the customer wants.

You must find out what their expectations are and what their objections are.  This is what the selling process is all about.  The customer will be far more truthful with you during the sales process phase than they will be during the negotiation phase.

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