prospect doesn't care about youIt’s true.

Your prospects are not overly interested in you.  Failing to recognize this is #8 in my Top 10 reasons most prospecting plans fail.

Unless you’re somebody famous or unless you have a product everyone has to have, I hate to break the news to you, but your prospect couldn’t care less.

What does this mean to you?

It means you need to quit sending out stupid emails or leaving pathetic voicemails that extoll who you are and how great your company is. Your prospects simply don’t care!

Your prospect didn’t wake up this morning drooling over the possibility you might call them today.

They have their own problems. To the prospect, you’re no different and certainly no better than any other salesperson who is thinking the same way.

If you are still stuck in the stone age (pre-2005) and still sending out “capabilities” presentations, thinking that is the best way to separate yourself from others, may I introduce you to the World Wide Web.

Everything the customer would ever want to know about you, your company and what you sell is already available on the web.

Regardless of what you sell, you have more competitors than ever before and each one is ready to jump in and grab the business you’re trying to get.

Park the self-serving garbage and even the blather about how many years you’ve been in business and the awards you’ve won! The prospect does not care!

Biggest issue with this is how far too many salespeople start off their prospecting email by wasting the first sentence introducing themselves and their company.

Cut to the chase and do it quick! Remember your prospect likely is viewing your email on a smartphone, and they’re making the decision to read or delete based on what the first 100-150 characters of the email says.

Save all of your “look at me” information for your high school reunion.

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