Your Customer Determines the Value. Not You.

Quit trying to determine the value you expect your customer to see in what you’re selling. It’s a waste of time. Rather than trying to preach to your customer about how much you’re worth, reverse the roles and let them tell you how much they value what it is you have to offer.

You do this by engaging the customer and letting them tell you what they’re looking for. More importantly, by asking the right questions, you let them reveal to you their real needs. When you’re determining how to allocate your time for a sales call and when you are actually preparing for the sales call, you should divide your time evenly between the time it takes to determine what you want to share with them and the questions you want to ask them. The better your questions, the more they will open up to you and the more they will open up to themselves. They will realize the pain they need to correct. They will realize the value in what you are offering when they see how it alleviates that pain.

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1 thought on “Your Customer Determines the Value. Not You.”

  1. You are right but you have to start somewhere. It’s important to go thru the ‘what we sell’ vs ‘what they buy’ exercise to initially get some idea of what that value is.

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