Sales motivation at the end of the year can be very difficult.  We’ve got 27 days left in the month and, for most people, that means 27 days left in the fiscal-year to stay motivated.  The challenge is to stay focused.  That’s easy if you’re close to hitting your number, but it’s difficult if you’re not even close.  Either way, your goal should be the same.  See each day as a new opportunity to close deals this year and lay the groundwork for next year. 

One of the best things you can do to stay motivated is to allow yourself to celebrate each day.  By ignoring your accomplishments, you’ll quickly find your attitude falling apart.  This is especially difficult when everyone around you is getting caught up in holiday activities, parties, etc.  It might be something as simple as stopping at a Starbucks or allowing yourself time to call an old friend.  Whatever it is, do not allow yourself to start a workday without setting some sort of a quick goal that you can reward yourself for achieving that day.  

Over the years, I’ve found more average salespeople falling apart during December than any other time of the year.  This happens for one reason:  they allow themselves to get sucked into the belief that people don’t want to do business with them right now.  Celebrating the little things on a daily basis is the best way to motivate yourself and ensure your sales remain strong all the way through the month. 

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