Think about the title of this blog for a moment – what does it mean to you? Prospecting is the foundation from which sales is built upon, and sales is the foundation business is built upon. Our economy is driven by sales. When sales accelerate, so does the economy.

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Do you believe in prospecting? Does your company not just have a sales culture but a prospecting culture? Early on in my sales career, I struggled with prospecting because I viewed it as an evil activity. Over the years, the evil has faded and been replaced with passion – a passion to help others because of what I’m selling.

Prospecting cannot be an afterthought. Prospecting cannot be something done only when necessary. Prospecting must be done regularly. Only when you move from viewing sales as a job to viewing it as a lifestyle will you begin to fully embrace what prospecting is all about. Prospecting drives sales, drives business, and drives the economy.

I challenge you to see prospecting for all that it can be, not just in your own life but in the lives of the customers you sell to. Regardless of what you sell and whether it be business to business or business to consumer, it all comes down to impacting others.

In the weeks, months, quarters and year ahead, it’s your goal to make prospecting your mission. Prospecting is your tool to positively influence others, and it’s a powerful one. Count each prospecting opportunity as your mission. If you embrace sales, and particularly prospecting as more than a job, I guarantee everything will change… for the better.

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