Success and Failure Crossroads signWhile packing up after conducting a sales training program recently, I found myself talking with one of the participants.

The conversation centered around what are the signals a salesperson can use to indicate if they’re going to be successful long-term.

Great question and it came from a sharp individual who in my mind was destined to succeed long-term as a salesperson.

Despite what I thought, he was concerned and wanted to know how he could tell if he was making the right decision to be in the sales industry.

I shared two things with him.

I told I’m he needed to look at his ability to communicate confidently and his ability to remain organized and motivated regardless of the situation.  To me, having these traits are paramount to being successful long-term.

Short-term success in sales is not that difficult.

It’s the ability to do it long-term that separates the average salesperson from the really great one.

As I shared my thoughts with the individual, I said the only way to know is by being objective about how you feel about your performance.

It’s easy to ask others if you communicate with confidence or are organized and motivated.  Problem is the answer you hear is merely another person’s opinion.  The only opinion that matters is your opinion.

Some people may think using your own opinion is not valid. I say it is and here’s why.

It comes down to a person’s motivation, and motivation is not measurable. It’s personal.  Thus, why should someone think another person’s opinion is going to be any more valid than their own?  In my view, it’s not.

Great salespeople are not born.

They’re developed through the day-to-day process of being a salesperson and using each day’s experience as a learning tool to be better with each subsequent sales call.

Great salespeople are great not because of an action they might do one quarter.  They’re great because of what they do each quarter and, more importantly, how they continually learn and improve.

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