4903261-mediumLinkedin stinks!

Let me clarify. Maybe it’s not LinkedIn that stinks, but rather it’s people who use LinkedIn that stink, especially when it comes to prospecting.

If I get one more message from somebody via LinkedIn extolling about how wonderful they are at whatever it is they do, I will do something rash.

Let’s also not forget the stupid people who think they can send out the stupid note asking me to give them a review when I barely know them.

Go ahead and throw barbs at me for being willing to connect with people who I don’t know intimately.  Sorry, but those are yesterday’s rules for LinkedIn.  Today it’s all about building a network with tools such as LinkedIn.

However, building a network does not mean you get to start out telling me how wonderful you are and how you’ve brought world peace to the 3rd world.

Excuse me for being skeptical, but I’m not buying it, and as a result I’m not buying you.

This is why I say LinkedIn stinks. It stinks because for some reason people on it believe they have a license to brag.

If you want to use LinkedIn as a prospecting tool, that’s fine but do it right.  Establish relationships, get to know people, understand who they are and what motivates them.

Maybe this is a concept foreign to the guy who sent me 6 messages last week — and I’m not kidding when I say 6 messages — all about how he was a master at his craft and knew he could help me.  And maybe it’s also foreign to the person who knows I would be “just perfect” for a job in a field I have zero interest in (uhh, I am gainfully employed currently with my own company).

I’ll end my rant now.

Did I do any good?  Who knows, but I know you can relate to it, and maybe you too will feel a little better knowing you’re not the only one getting the same stupid messages.

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