salesperson talkingWho is going to be your source today for new information?

I’m not talking about the obvious, such as the person who helps you decide what to buy in a store or helps you select a restaurant in a new city.

What I’m talking about is who will be the person who — during the course of your encounter with them — provides you with a new, fresh insight.  The insight they share may not be obvious, but by processing it in the context of other information, it becomes an “aha moment.”

Leaders and top performers are constantly learning from others.

They find fresh insights each day.  What separates top performers from everyone else is the top performer never shuts down with regard to looking for insights.

Low-performers — and I hate to say it, even average performers — are far too quick to make broad assumptions about things. Even more alarming is the speed with which they assume things around them simply do not apply to them.

We need to approach each day as an opportunity to learn something new and to be able to learn it in ways we least expect it.

When we approach our day in this manner, we are far more open to finding new things.

Key is in realizing what we learn and who we learn it from will many times come from those we least expect and in ways that would seem counter to the norm.

When I share this idea with people, it’s amazing how the top performers seize the idea and immediately connect themselves to it.

Conversely, when I share this idea with low or even average performing people, they typically give me a blank stare.

Which one are you?

Are you the top-performer who is always learning or are you in the “nah, there’s nothing I can learn today” group, satisfied with never surpassing average?

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