goal settingI asked several of the smartest people I know what they consider their number one goal setting technique, and here is what they shared:

John Spence www.JohnSpence.com @AwesomelySimple

My number one goal setting technique is to make it public. When I set an important goal that I truly want to reach, I tell several of my closest friends to hold me accountable to it.

A few years ago, I told a large number of my friends that I would lose 100 pounds in the next year. I was able to take off 85 and am still dropping a pound or two a month. The pressure of having made that commitment to my friends was enough to keep me on target and focused.

Mike Weinberg www.NewSalesCoach.com @Mike_Weinberg

When coaching executives or salespeople on goal setting, I like to encourage them to get out of the box to visualize what’s possible. Too many people set goals based on past results. That’s a silly self-limiting methodology. Step back, look at the big picture and ask big “what if” questions.

Then get aggressive and very specific. Don’t just set a revenue target. Declare how many new accounts you will acquire. And just as important, come up with ways to reward yourself for hitting those aggressive goals!

Jeb Blount www.JebBlount.com @SalesGravy

In the days running up to the new year, we reflect and revel in the chance to start anew with a clean slate and new hope. The past washed away and the future unwritten. It is at this pivot point that you have the opportunity to make key decisions that will shape your next chapter.

Begin with the three questions that matter most:

• What do you want?
• How do you plan to get what you want?
• How bad do you want it?

Frankly, it is about honesty. It is about being true to yourself. Start with defining what you want, building a plan, and writing it down. Set goals. Not empty resolutions. Not fleeting wishes and hopes. Real goals that mean something for your career and life that are congruent with your values and the price you are willing to pay.

Most people won’t and don’t because defining what you want – articulating where you will be at the end of next year – is difficult. It requires you to think. It requires you to take risk. It requires you to be accountable to the only person in your life to whom you are really accountable – YOU.

Miles Austin www.FilltheFunnel.com @MilesAustin

I always start this exercise with a “no limits” self analysis and write everything down. I then review the list and create stretch goals for those items that I want to continue. The next step is the most important for growth – I write down things that I have not done before because of limitations of one kind or another, then I ask the question, “What if I could?”

What if I was able to do this, what would the result be? I then identify the goal with the most upside potential and set goals that will allow me to accomplish my “what if.”

Anthony Iannarino www.TheSalesBlog.com @Iannarino

Goals that aren’t aligned with your purpose aren’t inspiring, and they are impotent when it comes to motivating you to take action over time. Your goals need to serve your larger purpose. They need to answer the question, “What do I need to do to better live my purpose?” and “How is this goal going to help me do so?”

How is “making more money” going to help you live your purpose? Is it going to give you freedom? Will it allow you to serve others? How is something like “losing weight” going to benefit your largest, most meaningful goal — your purpose? Will it give you the energy you need? Do you want to be here for your great grandchildren?

If your goals aren’t aligned with your larger purpose, you won’t likely sustain the effort it takes to reach them. And you may just find yourself using the same set of goals for a number of years in a row.

Mark Hunter www.TheSalesHunter.com @TheSalesHunter

My goals must include both professional and personal development. I can’t separate the two. The more I can improve personally, the more I’m able to improve professionally. This means I can have no more than 4 goals in any single year — two personal and two professional.   Ideally, the goals will complement each other, meaning as I achieve one I’m making progress on another.

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