New sales ideas pop up when we least expect them.  We owe it to ourselves to allow them to. 

This week I’ve been in the Bahamas conducting sales training programs.  Being in the Bahamas does something to the brain: it gets it thinking in different ways.  My trip is only 3 days, yet during this time, I’ve come up with at least a half dozen new sales ideas I’m anxious to put into play.  The reason is simple: despite the work I’m doing while I’m here, I’m also allowing myself time to merely think and reflect.  Bingo, the ideas are flowing!

What are you doing to allow new ideas to develop?  What are you doing to seek out new ideas?  What are you doing to continually change and thus improve your selling process?  For me, it’s times like this where I find myself in a different environment and then taking the time to think, read, and process.

Staying motivated in sales requires a continuous flow of new ideas, so make sure you allow yourself the time to seek them out.

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