Do you know what’s wrong with the questions you are asking your customers and prospects?

I am fairly certain that I do.

If you’re like a lot of salespeople, you’re asking questions that are too long. These questions are doing nothing more than confusing your customers.  (And they happen to be hurting your sales motivation too, but that’s a different matter all together).

The problem with the complicated questions you’re asking is that your customers will never tell you they are confused.  They won’t ask you to clarify anything.  Nope.  What they will probably do is fake it — try to answer in a way that gives the impression they know what you’re asking.

My advice?  Stop asking long complicated questions.   Instead, take this to heart: Short Questions Get You Long Answers.

In other words, if you want better information, you need to ask simple open-ended questions.

Want to hear more on this, take a few minutes to watch this video on how Short Questions Get You Long Answers.  (Come on… you’re out here looking for info to boost your sales. Key insights are just a click away).

I know this goes without saying, but you do not want to be one of those salespeople who confuses customers. You want to be a salesperson who gets the best information possible out of customers and prospects — and boosts sales motivation at the same time.

Short Questions Get You Long Answers (the kind of answers you really need to close the deal).

Copyright 2011, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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