We’re reading a lot of news lately about the state of the economy and how a number of indicators are pointing toward potential more problems.  I’m not going to deny that everything isn’t exactly rosy (I even am offering a free webinar on Selling in a Tough Economy, because I know salespeople are hungry for some solid tips in this regard). 

Despite the economic circumstances, though, I don’t want you to lose sight of what it means to focus on opportunities.  One way to step up in your sales process is to be conscientious of what you bring up when you’re talking to customers either in person or on the phone.  Here’s what I mean:

A client/peer called me the other day, and immediately after we both said “hi,” he jumped into asking me questions about the economy. What he wanted to do was complain, and the main purpose of his call was to find a sympathetic ear.  It would have been very easy for me to agree with him and even throw some more wood on the fire, but in so doing, all it would have done is confirm in his mind how bad he believes things are.

The other downside of an interaction like this is it starts to take me down a negative path.  The last thing you and I need is dialogue that is rooted in a negative tone. 

The lesson is clear:   The state of your mind is going to determine how you handle your business.  If you’re wondering how the conversation progressed, I admit I did fall for the trap of negative discussion for a bit. But then I was able to catch myself and realize this person is not one with whom I can afford to spend time.

Certainly it’s okay to be wise about what is going on in the economy.  But ultimately, those who remain positive, constantly refine and grow their skills, and find ways to strengthen their sales motivation are the people who will rise above economic downturns.  Here’s to great selling!  

(c) 2010 by Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter”

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