customer-outcomesThe easiest way for you to increase your price is to increase the outcomes your customers receive from using what you sell.

Think about it for a moment.

Your customers will pay more if they believe they’re getting more, and that means the secret lies in being able to increase the benefits of what they get from you.

To do this requires a different perspective from the start.

You first of all can’t believe what you’re selling is based on product features. Take a look at your sales presentation and how you handle your sales calls. Is the information you’re talking about centered around features?

The entire objective of your sales call is to be focused around helping the customer to realize the outcomes they’re going to receive.

Notice I’m not talking about benefits. Rather, I’m using the term outcomes.

The reason I use this term is because I believe this is what the customer is really desiring, and outcomes are many times easier for them to understand.

One way to look at outcomes is in realizing how many times the same item can be sold for a different price to different people, and in each case they’re happy to pay the different amount.

I’ll use the example of tickets to a concert:

To the person who is crazy about the person who will be performing at the concert, they will be happy to pay top dollar to get their ticket well in advance.   Conversely, a couple looking for an evening of entertainment may decide to pay a lesser amount a few days before the concert.  Finally, a couple of college students with a few extra dollars to spend may wind up buying a couple of tickets for less than face value just hours before the concert from an internet site.

In each case, the people buying the tickets are happy with their decision because it fit what they were looking for in terms of outcomes.

What do you need to position differently to move your discussion to outcomes?   I’ll be writing more about this in the weeks to come and I invite you to follow along.

Copyright 2013, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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