I once received a phone call from a salesperson complaining about the customers he had to deal with.

His issue was that no matter what he did, it seemed like the customer was rarely happy.

I asked him one question which told me immediately what his problem was.

The question I asked was:  “What % of your customers buy due to a reduced price or some other type of a discount?”  His response? “Nearly everybody.”

I then asked him why that was, and his response was that the prices his company offered were really too high compared to what they should be charging.  A discount was necessary. He even added that the prices were higher than what their competitors were charging.

Bingo! Problem discovered.

The problem he had was his company’s engrained habit of discounting price to gain sales. This was doing nothing but attracting low-level customers who didn’t appreciate or value what they were buying.

People who buy on price are never happy. They have a feeling of entitlement and believe that because they bought on a discount, they deserve something more.

It’s a sick perverse disease I’ve never been able  to understand, but I’ve seen it a thousand times.  Customers who buy on price are simply never satisfied.  More importantly, they won’t stick with you unless you continue to offer them a progressively better and better deal.

For this salesperson I was talking to, it came down to one simple thing — his selling model was attracting the wrong type of customer.

A customer attracted on price is simply never going to understand the full value of what you have to offer.  I told him the easiest way to get better customers is to stop discounting and look at raising your prices.

Did it work with him?  Time will tell, but what I can tell you is having had this exact same conversation with hundreds of salespeople and companies over the years, I can say it works.  Stop discounting and even raise your prices and you will attract better customers.

Will you wind up with nothing but perfect customers?  No, of course not. There are always outliers no matter your level of pricing.

What you will wind up with is a much better mix of customers who will truly value what you offer them.

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