Too many salespeople in an effort to appear incredibly knowledgeable will ask the customer long complicated questions.  On the surface, it’s easy to assume that these types of questions will get you the best answers.  Wrong.

More often than not, if you ask a long question you will just confuse your customer.  Worse yet, if the customer doesn’t want to let on they are confused, they may start rambling with information that really isn’t that helpful.

Want to get the best information? Then you need to ask short questions.  You’ll get long answers, but most importantly, they will be answers that actually have some meat to them.   I explain this more in a video we just posted on our YouTube channel.  Ask short questions to get long answers.

Your goal as a salesperson is to figure out what your customer needs and wants. Plain and simple.  If you aren’t doing that, you are not in a position to maximize your profit.

So start asking shorter questions — the right questions — and you will start getting the information you need to match your products and services to the customers’ needs and wants.

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