Sales ProcessWe’re on the verge of the 4th quarter, and for many companies, that means the race is on to make the number.

One of the easiest things sales managers and senior management can do is to call every person they know at a client company.  Sooner you make the calls, the better.

Objective of the calls is three-fold.

First is to get the name of your company back in front of the customer/prospect, even though the person might not be our buyer.

We never know who or when the person the senior person knows may encounter the buyer to whom you sell.

Second, the discussion between the senior level person and the customer may very well uncover new opportunities you the salesperson were not aware of.

This is not to discount the work you do, but often times a senior level person can uncover different information.

Third objective is being able to get a meeting during difficult periods.

4th Quarter has more holidays than any other quarter, so it’s not surprising that  it can be even harder to get a meeting.  Additionally, many businesses are extremely busy in the 4th quarter, making meetings also difficult to schedule.  This is where a senior level person can many times get a meeting during a time of year you as the salesperson is unable to do.

Key to making this process work is by having senior level people willing to make the calls in late September or early October.   Waiting until December is not optimal, because by that time it can be too late to significantly impact the business.

Other reason you don’t want to wait until December is because that is when most senior level people you may be trying to reach are most likely going to be making their customer calls.  If that’s the case, doesn’t it make sense to be ahead of the curve?

Start making calls this week!  It’s your business.

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