Many times the best way to reach a decision maker is by leveraging a salesperson in the decision maker’s own company.

The strategy might sound strange, but it works — especially when you can assist the salesperson who is helping you.

The strategy is quite simple.

Call the sales department in the company you’re trying to reach and introduce yourself to the salesperson you connect with. Be upfront with them. Let them know what you’re trying to do, but at the same time, be mindful that the best way they will help you is if you help them.

Salespeople are many times the most supportive and helpful to other salespeople.

This means once they have respect for you, they will most likely be helpful in minimally sharing with you vital information and most likely be willing to make introductions for you. In exchange, you will want to assist them.

The beauty of the strategy is not only will you wind up with great information and most likely introductions, but you’ll also now have an advocate going forward.

It’s amazing how many times I share this strategy with salespeople and they suddenly realize how powerful it can be.

Better yet has been the number of phone calls and emails I’ve received back from people sharing the results they’ve achieved.

The strategy has been laid out as one you use when other methods of reaching the buyer or decision maker have not worked, but there are other ways to use it as well.

The most logical is to use it anytime you encounter an obstacle or are merely looking for more information. The worst that can happen is you create a new relationship.

The best that can happen is you create a new customer and you help another salesperson create a new customer.

Copyright 2013, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.



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