My whole mission is to help you prospect effectively.

Because sales is without a doubt the greatest profession, but you’ve got to master prospecting. 

This is the last installment of this five-part series on 50 Prospecting truths. Remember, you can download the whole ebook here.

41. Prospecting is an omnichannel activity. 

What does this mean? It’s not just email, the telephone or social media. Prospecting means using everything in a deliberate manner. It’s not just about throwing out some emails because you don’t want to make phone calls. 

No, to be successful you need to develop a deliberate cadence. The only people who win in prospecting are those that have one.

42. Be ruthless in your follow-through.

The sale is made in the follow-up, but also in the follow-through. Your objective is to spend time with customers. That’s why you need to qualify early. 

I want to have fewer prospects that I can spend more time with, but I’m going to follow through. I’ve had many prospects–that I knew I could help–that I had to reach out to 10, 15 and 20 times.

I have one right now that I am very focused on. I have probably contacted them about 15 times, and I’m not giving up because I know I can help this person. We’ve had a couple conversations along the way and I’ve been creating value, but I’m going to keep going until I close the deal.

43. The only thing holding you back from success in sales is YOU.

It’s not what you sell. I hear people say, “
Well, if I just had something meaningful to sell, I could be successful.”  That’s not the case. 

What you sell is irrelevant. It’s why you sell– to help others see and achieve what they didn’t think was possible. I have to be dialed in on you, my customer, and the outcomes you need to achieve. When I am, then I’m going to be successful.

It’s not what you sell. It’s not the tools you have. It’s about the outcomes YOU provide.

44. Know the difference between prospects and suspects. 

Just because somebody returns your phone call doesn’t make them a prospect. 

They have to earn the right to be a prospect because up to that point in time, they’re just a suspect. What I want to do is turn them into meaningful customers.

I can’t afford to spend time with suspects. If you can’t provide me with a critical need that you have, or an outcome you’re looking for, then guess what? I don’t have time to spend with you. If you can’t share a little bit of what your decision making criteria is with me, what you’re trying to do, et cetera, I don’t have time for you either. 


45. The most valuable asset you have is your time.

Again, it’s not what you sell, or your territory. It’s not your pricing or your customer either. No, it’s your
time. That’s your most valuable asset because once today is gone, you never get it back. 

Make sure you’re using it wisely and effectively.

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46. Who you spend prospecting now is who you will close next quarter. 

When salespeople say, “
I missed my number,”  the first question I ask them is, “How much did you prospect?”

There are ebbs and flows, and it’s in direct relationship to the level of time we’re prospecting. 

47. Prospecting is not an activity, it’s a lifestyle. 

I love prospecting. If I know I can help you, I have an obligation to reach out to you. 

I know that I can help my customers see and achieve what they didn’t think possible. Helping people is my lifestyle.


48. Prospecting drives the economy. 

Prospecting fuels sales. Sales fuels business. Business drives the economy. The better you are at prospecting, the better the economy goes. 

No business stays in business without customers and customers don’t just walk to the front door. You have to go out and find them. That’s what prospecting is all about. At the end of the day, the economy’s driven by business, right? 

49. Prospecting is freedom because when you prospect you have a full pipeline. 

When you have a full pipeline, it’s amazing how flexible you are. It’s amazing what you can do. 

A full pipeline means you get to control your destiny and your time. 


50. Never use the excuse of not having a tool as the reason you’re not good at prospecting. 

I hear people say, “
Well, if only we had this system, if only we had this app.” Those are fine, but at the end of the day, it’s you. 

You are the powerhouse.


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