sinking priceFar too many salespeople claim they’re not more successful because what they’re selling is simply too expensive for their customers.

I have to laugh at that because it means only one of two things.

First and foremost, it means the salesperson hasn’t built enough credibility with the customer.

Second, the salesperson is trying to sell to the wrong customer.

Let’s look at both of these.

First, the credibility:   Why should a customer buy anything from a salesperson they don’t believe in?  The only reason they would is if the price is so low they simply can’t turn it down.

The price a customer pays is directly related to the level of credibility and confidence the salesperson has been able to create.   Next time you have a customer push back on your price, ask yourself what you’ve done to create credibility and confidence with the customer.

You establish credibility and confidence by first understanding the needs of the customer and letting them do the talking.  I say this because too many salespeople believe they establish credibility by extolling on the customer an endless array of information the customer finds useless.

Salespeople who do the best establishing credibility are those who connect with their customer the best.

Second issue is trying to sell to people not qualified to buy.  When I say this, I’m pointing a direct finger at salespeople who feel those who are most like them are the most likely to buy.

Problem is these same people tend to be cheap just like the salesperson. Why should anyone expect anyone to buy from a salesperson when they themselves don’t believe enough in what they’re selling?

Cheap salespeople attract cheap prospects, resulting in cheap sales!

If you’re a cheap salesperson, then you’re going to come across as a cheap salesperson and your vision is going to be going after others who are cheap.  If you want to get full price, you must believe 100% in full price!

The price you get is the measurement of the value you create, and the value you create is the sum of credibility and confidence in the outcome you’re expected to deliver.

Copyright 2014, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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