Opportunity Freeway Exit SignYeah, right.

And you’re probably thinking, “Mark Hunter has the solution?!”

I don’t have the only solution, but on May 20, I will join 3 others in an open, candid discussion about how to close more sales faster.

Forget the cheesy sales pitches and the typical stuff you hear.  This one hour conversation is about quick solutions from four experts who truly are experts.  

And the good news is that you can listen in on this conversation!

Tuesday, May 20
1 p.m. EASTERN

Register for the free webinar at this link.

Some of you reading this might be wondering where I fit into all of this, because you may know I’m a strong advocate of not trying to close until you truly understand the customer’s needs.

I haven’t sold out and I’m not pretending for a day to be somebody I’m not.  I’m a firm believer in not closing until the needs are on the table.  This is what is going to make this event so special.

Each one of us is coming to the party with some very solid — yet, counter — opinions.

The four of us doing the event are so immersed in our thinking, it’s bound to be  interesting.

As for the others in they conversation, they are:

Listen in to what I am sure is going to be an spirited discussion.   The four of us are all good friends. We’ll just have to see if we’re still friends after the smoke clears.

Again, your opportunity to sign up for this webinar is at this link.

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